Monday, September 17, 2007

8 interesting facts about nodnarB!

Thanks, JenTraub, for the tag and please excuse my tardiness in completing the task.

8. I can create martinis based on most any garnish I am given. During Girl Scout Cookie season there was The Thin Mint and The Samoa. During The holidays there are the Candy Cane, Pumpkin Pie, and Egg Nog. Any other time there are the M&M, Butterfinger, Krackle, Smoked Pepper, Hawaiian Punch, and the ever ubiquitous BeccaTini.

7. I talk faster than most northerners. I can get to rambling and my tounge can't keep up with my brain. I might have had a good career as an auctioneer.

6. I was born and raised in Austin. This may not seem so strange unless you have lived in Austin. Most consider themselves natives after 10 years of consistent citizenship. We few, proud, and still around swear that 70% of the people born there are abducted by aliens or swept up in government body farms for medical/psychological experimentation. After all...most Austinites are weird.

5. I have an amazingly accurate innate sense of direction. I can be blindfolded, drugged, flown to another time zone and be dropped into a featureless landscape at 2am on a moonless night and pretty well know what direction I am facing. Not that the aliens hovering over Austin ever did this to me...really.

4. I can weave a fairly convincing and seemingly accurate tale of astounding persuasiveness at the drop of a hat. This works well on small children, out of town relatives, and all but the least gullible adults. My wife calls this talent "Spewing Shit."

3. I love NASCAR. For all of you society types that think that NASCAR is nothing but a bunch of beer drinking bubbas that love to watch cars going really fast only making left turns and waiting for the most spectacular are right. That is 99.999% true. But then there are random fans like me who grew up with a stock car driving father that was more interested in the Daytona 500 that the SuperBowl. Don't get me wrong. I can grill up some Wagyu Ribeyes with a red wine reduction, grilled asparagus, and wasabi mashers served with a fine Temparnillo and then turn around and chase it all with a Miller Lite while screaming "Rubbin's Racin!!!!"

2. My sweet tooth atrophied sometime during junior high. I can't stomach a mouth full of sugar. I can have a Hershey's mini once a quarter and be just fine. Now spicy, salty, and sour. Bring it on!

1. I have pretty good palate. Not just for wine and spirits which helps in my job but for all food in general. I can try pretty much any dish and know whats in it and almost recreate it. This cuts down on our dining budget as long as I have the time/patience to cook.

There we go. A few little tid bits about me. I know I forgot one or two so maybe I will amend this later.