Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Boy's Day Out

Big B asked if we could have a boy's day a couple of weekends ago. I am always willing to accommodate the kiddos whenever I can since we don't have a lot of free time together. We called Papa Dave (grandpa) and asked him to join us for lunch and a procurement mission. We received some intel that the McDonald's off Spring Creek was passing out Lego Batman toys with Jr M.R.E.s , so off we went. Apparently we got hooked up with the same outfit that told President Beavis about the WMDs in Iraq because all they had there were Hot Wheel cars. No worries soldiers, we had another Target in mind. Here are some pictures of our mission.

Getting some chow at the mess hall.

Scoring some goods but not what we were looking for.

Wondering how long it takes tho mess hall pukes to puree canned turkey and crackers.

Getting some sage advice from a decorated veteran.

My squad.

There were unfriendlies everywhere and they held the high ground.

This soldier runs with scissors. Cruising in his APC sans protective body armor.

Targets located.

Misuse of equipment. That is not a Mandible Manipulation Unit son!

Mission accomplished. Headed back to base.

Monday, November 17, 2008

My promise to you...not a NaBlaPoMo thing.

I, nodnarB!, do solemnly swear to post more frequently. I commit to finishing at least half of the 33 partially composed posts that sit on my dash board. I will not use Twitter or Facebook status updates to take the place of actual creative output. I will do unto others as I like...strike that. And I will be a better citizen.

Baby 's with a palate

My wife thinks that I am ruining the babies for normal food. But try and keep our two little 9 month old infant hoovers away from what ever we are putting in our mouth is like keeping a junkie out of a methadone clinic after getting cash for his plasma. So they have taste for real slow cooked oats with brown sugar or molasses as I like to use on occasion, or some yummy saffron risotto with a small little bite of braised short ribs with a little pan jus. They may not yet be discerning but they are surely hungry.

I flash back to a restaurant I worked in back in Austin ironically named Ella's. There was a family that would come in with their 9 and 13 year old daughters. They usually ordered the escargot or carpaccio appetizer, a filet medium rare and some sort of fish, and a bottle of Cain Five Cab blend. I remember them well because the daughters ate it all. Blood red meat, foie gras, snails, spinach, mahi, lobster, and they even sipped the wine. I used to comment that it would be quite a surprise to the first guy that took them out on a date and pulled up to Chili's only to be laughed at or quickly redirected to a Michelin rated eatery. Or the dad would at the least make reservations for the couple and slip him a couple of "hundies" if he liked the kid.

So now I could quite possibly be setting the stage for a similar situation. The big kiddos are simple in theirs dietary needs. Wendy's is their favorite treat. Their lunches have barely changed in 5 years. Will the next two be the same. We will find out. But if I am left arguing with 6 year olds over Haute French or Norther Italian for dinner or the merits of a sippy cup vs. balloon stemware to let a Cote-du-Rhone breath better, I have only have myself to blame.

Need proof that food is a priority. This is the what he spent 10 minutes in front of waiting for it to open.