Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rucksack Reborn

Sitting at home with head and chest funk and realizing I have not posted in a while.

Back in the day I had quite a bit of specialized outdoor gear. Camping, climbing, winter survival, I had it all. Most of this was acquired in my younger days for traveling near and far. One of my favorite and most useful pieces was my trust little day pack from Dana Designs appropriately named the Humbug Spire. Who would have known that I would acquire a fitting moniker and turned this spare clothes and survival gear packing rucksack into an extreme daddy diaper bag.

No more spare socks, emergency blanket, water filtration, maps, spare compass, signaling mirror, racks full of protection (not what you are thinking), ropes, collapsible shovels, or skis. Lets see what we are packing now.

Loaded and ready for duty

Broken out

Ziploc baggies for packing dirty utensils, bib, etc
Banana and avacado
Motrin and/or Tylenol
Teething tabs
2 cups of other solid food
Place mat thingys
Container of cherrios
Burp cloths
Diapers (2 sizes)
Spare outfits
Changing pad

2200 cu in of baby gear and I can still take more. Plus if fits just fine over the straps of the Baby Bjorn for a fully balanced load.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Its sad really...

I will say it and you can all hate, disagree, or give me a one finger salute if you like. Feminists, republicans, Joe six packs should all be disappointed. She was not chosen for her experience, intelligence, or ability. She was chosen because she is female.

As previously stated, "We Republicans will see your race card and raise you a gender card."