Thursday, February 28, 2008

8 days old.

Wow! A week and a day. Here are some new pics from this morning. Due to a large number of deliveries at our little hospital the nursery ran out of cribs. They decided to co-bed the twins which really excited us. We had previously requested this but were denied due to the policy set by the Director. There have been many studies supporting both sides of this issue but we have noticed that neither one has had an apnea episode and Ella is now making it through an entire bottle and not having her food pushed through her feeding tube. They look so happay and content together.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Minivan Madness and Posse Love

Thanks you Tracy and Rich for the beautiful blankets the big brown truck dropped off today. They are so beautiful. And to the rest of the Dallas posse did a little shopping while in Mexico and found some adorable little hats proudly displayed on the monkeys. You guys are the best.

NICU Outakes

You know you have a special one when you hear little things like this from the staff:

"I went home last night and told my husband we have a princess in the NICU and she knows it!"

"She is just the cutest little Diva!"

"A onesie that says High Maintenance...perfect!!!"

"Well I think she is just trying to leave here with a reputation."

My little girl. I can't wait.

Day 5 update.

Good news and no news

Beck has really taken to the nip! He is a champ at breast feeding and has a great appetite. Looks like his weight loss has ceased and he will quickly start going the other way. He finally bottomed out at 6lbs 1oz.

Ella has been active and alert. She had a bit of trouble nursing and eating today but that does not stop her from telling you how she feels. She is at 4lbs 14oz right now.

It is amazing to see the differences in their personalties already. Beck is laid back, easy going, and rarely cries. Ella on the other hand is quite the drama queen. I think they both follow perfectly after their mom and dad.

I have to admit it is getting a little frustrating. Its worse than paying for something and it being on back order or putting the change in the vending machine and watching your bag of Fritos hang precariously but planted. They are yours but you cant have them quite yet. They both had more bradys today so that automatically resets their release date to 5 days from the last episode. That puts their check out date at Saturday at the soonest. I trust and want them in there under watchful eyes but I would prefer a commute to the nursery down the hall instead of to the NICU to feed and hold them. It could always be worse. I know there are those out there that went through months of NICU time so I count my blessings.

Any who, we will keep the updates coming. I head back to work tomorrow and life returns to as normal as it can be. Without four extra feet in our house.

Friday, February 22, 2008

My 5 heart stopping moments.

5. The first time my future wife and I discovered the electricity and chemistry that exists between us. It was a casual brush of hands under a blanket while watching a movie that ignited a spark we both felt. We both paused as they made contact and then interlocked fingers like a Jr. High couple in the back row of a movie theater. It was the first time I had felt that complete and total consumption and infatuation in years. It was casual contact to any outside observer but it led the first of what would be other subsequent heart palpitations

4. The moment that Debbie looked me in the eyes and layed her heart and soul on the block and said the words I had been wanting to say for quite a while. "I love you." She took the chance and the initiative in a new and unconventional relationship and sent caution to the wind. My hesitation in returning the volley was a direct result of trying to defibulate my stuttering heart. I finally managed to acknowledge the gesture and grasp her in one of the longest embraces I can ever remember.

3. February 27, 2007. We came to a stop and released our bindings at 10,800 feet above sea level to share a moment between the two of us. Officiated by an old soul and accompanied by the spirits that chose to gather we exchanged vows in our own way. It was not the altitude that gave me vertigo but the uttering of the words, "I do", that once again caused my ticker to misfire. I had made it this far with this amazing woman and without hesitation she committed to the promise of a union forever. Skiloping was a great idea.

2. July 30, 2007. While the plus sign on the stick was exciting, my fertile Myrtle, had proven that she was capable of making beautiful babies. We committed to trying to conceive and were elated but not surprised by the quick success. We went to our first appointment and were granted an early ultrasound. I had already run the gamut of possibilities and opportunities I would have with the addition of "a" new child in our life. I however, was not prepared for the casual announcement by the tech that there were two embryos. To this point I had never been shaken to the depths of my emotional foundation. Elation, apprehension, fear, and joy flooded my senses and everything, including my heart stood still for the longest moment. This revelation affected me for quite sometime and gave new boundaries to my imagination and what was in store.

1. February 20, 2008. A planned arrival. 72 hours to prepare for the arrival of the "expected." Plenty of time to collect myself for the greatest moment. This turned into the longest walk to the most intimidating operation room, followed by nerve wracking observation of the preliminary administration of instruction and anesthesia, only to be brought to a knee rattling, nail biting, ball of nervousness and anticipation. I never knew time, sensation, and reality could be suspended for that long. I lack the words to describe the period of time that existed between the appearance of the first one and then the second. The sound of the first cry to fill the room followed shortly by a second.

I tried to find a way to be in three places at once. With each of them and at her side. I held back tears because it clouded my view of the two beautiful children in front of me. I dare not yell for joy because the Doctor was still finishing his job. I tried my best to stay out of the way but I could not get the two of them in my arms fast enough. Nothing can prepare you for that moment.

When I returned to reality I realized one thing. All the fear and apprehension was gone and completely replaced with joy, love and opportunity.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Catching up.

Yes I am a father. Yes I am excited and blessed. I have been handing most of the correspondence and updates so I will try and get something up here soon. Thanks for all the support and well wishes.