Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Princess's New room

So Sassypants decided we needed to update the Girl's room while they were gone for the month since we have been promising her pink for a year now. Well being the Uber-mom that she is, she went above and beyond and recreated the likenesses of all the dogs in the "hood" and others that we love as well. She objected to me posting these but I sedated her and went forward anyway. And yes, she free handed all of these herself. I love my little artist.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

My wife said I like dogs more than people.

I had a hard time arguing.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Restaurant Tag

Blah blah blah about the art of tagging and having to respond. Ask me about restaurants and I will happily divulge. The hardest thing is narrowing it down to 5. I go.

5. Plouf A small French mussel and seafood restaurant in Belden Alley in San Fran. This is truly European style dining in the States. Bumping elbows on a cramped banquet while taking in the smells of the best steamed mussels and fresh baguette. 14 different choices of broth and pomme frites to die for. On nice evenings they take over the alley with small tables and chairs turning it into a true Parisian experience right here in the States. It is almost enough to make you start speaking in a funny accent and wearing a beret.

4. Bella Italia West On the "Bricks" in Ft Worth. This little gem is so amazingly unassuming that it barely deserves a second glance when you drive by. But don't let the white washed cinder block building with a cheesy red, white, and green awning turn your nose up in the air. The chef is off the boat Italian. He was one of the first in Texas to incorporate wild game into his menu. The wine list is the most extensive Italian list in the state and one of the best in the States. They have your usual fare of Americanized pastas and entrees, but you should shop from the back side of the menu and try the ostrich w/G3 sauce, the wild boar tenderloin, or the buffalo bone in rib eye. Grab a bottle of Allegrini La Poja from the Veneto and let your eyes roll back into your head in culinary bliss. The bar has one of the best grappa selections and ordering a nice Poli barolo grappa includes the chef joining you for a toast. Do try this place.

3. The French Laundry Called "The Best Restaurant In America" by just about every food. wine, and lifestyle publication at least once. In the heart of Napa Valley, Cali. This is hands down the most consistent high end restaurant around. Consistent in quality, innovation, services, and execution. The 11 course degusatazion menu with wine parings is so far over the top on luxury and flavor it is almost criminal. A bowl of fresh saffron risotto with white truffle shaved like little pepperoni rounds completely covering the top. Makes you wanna scream, "Great Googlemoogle!" The service is so perfect it almost seems mechanical. Courses removed, silver marked, courses served all with white glove service in a phantom like style. One of the hardest reservations to get and a dinner tab that rivals most car payments. If you can...

2. Trudy's This place obviously has a following since I think I am the third one in this group to mention it. Classic Tex-Mex with excellent consistency and quality. The original location by campus has a great patio where you can enjoy the best margaritas and Mexican martinis around. Every time we are in town we make at least one stop.

1. Asti/Fino Two restaurants get to share top billing since the same minds are behind their creation. Emmit and Lisa Fox have made these siblings two of the best in Texas and rivals for restaurants across the country. Asti is a kitschy little joint in the hear of Hyde Park. Phenomenally flavorful yet simple food with a great wine list and groovy energy. Fino is the younger but more trendy creation that has taken it up a notch. Kick ass cocktails and truly unique food from a great mind. Get lost on the 2nd floor patio with a some friends and few bottles of Prosecco or meet a date at the bar and increase your chances by getting her Strawberry Basil Mojito.

Honorable Mentions: Wink, Roy's, Schelville Grill, Siena, Plumpjack, South Park, Las Manitas (Avenue Cafe), Changos,

There are so many others that I know I missed since I used to consider dining out a recreational activity.

I have a short list of blogger friends and most of you have been tagged but...I tag St. Rich. MV mom, if you could let him know, I would appreciate it.